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Consumers are watching. Are you there?

Video in nature is engaging. Whether it’s a baby taking her first steps, someone falling or a breaking news story, video brings stories to life and connects people. Digital technology, and the idea of always being connected, has changed consumer behavior. We’ve all experienced it. When you are on Facebook and scroll your newsfeed to [...]

Google AdWords Now Displaying Ratings Annotations

As consumers search online for products and services, they are also looking at reviews to help them make buying decisions. To make it easier for searchers, Google recently announced the addition of consumer rating annotations in AdWords.

Ratings annotations are industry-specific based on Google’s Consumer Surveys platform, which has data from thousands of surveys that [...]

The Latest from Google – Reputation Monitoring on Google Plus Local Pages

Recently Google added a reputation monitoring feature to Google Plus Local business pages (previously known as Google Places). As a business owner, you can monitor reviews to learn what customers are saying about your business on Google and across the Internet. If you have a verified business listing, this new feature also allows you to [...]

High-Performance Landing Pages: 10 Steps to Maximize Conversion

Have you ever searched for a product or service online, found an ad or a link that matched your criteria, clicked and landed on a page that had nothing to do with your search? When this happens, most searchers are disappointed by the experience and choose to begin a new search.

Landing pages are [...]

9 Steps to Creating Online Word of Mouth through Social

Proper usage of social media gives your brand the opportunity to interact with consumers and drive loyalty. Consumers are sharing opinions and experiences and are making decisions based on the information they find. In order to reap the benefits of your social media presence, there are several best practices you should consider in order to [...]

10 Ways To Grow Your Audience on Google+


You’ve probably heard about Google+ but have you considered what it can do for your business? It’s important to use Google+ for your business and integrate it with your website, so you can engage with your followers and increase your visibility on Google organic search results.


Create a compelling Google+ page:

Before you [...]

Drive Calls with Google Click-to-Call

If driving calls to your business is at the top of your advertising goals and strategy, you need to learn more about Google click-to-call. If you are currently advertising on Google, that doesn’t mean you automatically show up on mobile devices. Through Google click-to-call you’ll give searchers an easy way to connect with you by [...]

Increase Your Rank with Google Landing Page Quality

Google is expected to go live with a new algorithm for landing pages that gives them more weight when it comes to quality score. Google is trying to improve the experience of searchers, and to do so, they’ve made landing pages more important than ever. Currently, when a searcher finds your ad and clicks on [...]

Google Launches a New Version of Sitelinks for Brand Searches

Have you searched for your company’s website on Google recently? For brand searches, the sitelinks underneath your listing in the search results look very different. This week Google launched a new version of their sitelinks, so that users doing brand searches can easily find the information they are looking for.

Here is an example:


Print Yellow Pages Continue to be Green

The Local Search Association released its second annual sustainability report announcing that according to the Environmental Production Agency (EPA), the recycling of books increased to 36.9%; an increase of 15.5% from the previous year.

The report is called “We’re All In this Together,” and includes the following additional findings.

Telephone directories continue to only represent [...]