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Citygrid Restructures

A major restructure took place at Citygrid Media on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, that included eliminating all local sales people from their staff. Their national sales team was retained, but all local sales will become a self-serve automated process.

As predicted, Ron LaPierre was officially appointed as permanent CEO. They will integrate [...]

Marquette Group Manager Discusses Social Media and SMB’s

Midwest social media conference @Midwest

Interactive Sales Manager Travis McGlasson was a featured speaker at @Midwest, an annual two-day conference organized and hosted by various professionals in the Bloomington-Normal area of Illinois to discuss the best practices of social media marketing.

McGlasson spoke at two sessions. His first presentation, “Leveraging Social Media for Local SEO,” showed the [...]

Examining Facebook Graph Search and What It Means for Businesses

Rumors have been circulating about Facebook entering the search arena since 2011. Facebook Graph Search was announced in January, and it presents a huge opportunity for Facebook to become a major player in search. How did they pull it off? Facebook Graph Search searches not for what people want, but what they (and their friends) [...]

Mobile Gets Smart

Many advertisers struggle with the decision to jump into mobile because of concerns about audience targeting and lower click-thru rates that sometimes accompany mobile campaigns. The GPS functionality of mobile devices enables geo-targeting, but this one variable can’t identify what situation the searcher is in while in that location, nor does it target based [...]

How should I invest in mobile? (Part 2)

Mobile Playbook article

Did you read our blog post regarding Google’s Mobile Playbook a couple of months ago? We reviewed the first five of ten action items and promised to review the last five items.

Before we discuss the final five steps, let’s review the first five.

Search for your brand on your mobile phone as [...]

How Should I Invest in Mobile?

Google recently released “The Mobile Playbook: The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile” in response to this common question. We all understand that we need to invest in mobile, but how this should be accomplished remains vague.

The Mobile Playbook is filled with campaign examples and usage statistics as well as questions [...]

Google ZIP Code Targeting and Call Bidding Beta Testing

Google has recently rolled out a new feature for paid search campaigns – ZIP Code Targeting. ZIP Code Targeting allows advertisers to target five digit ZIP Codes in the US to reach your qualified audience and measure local performance at a ZIP Code level. This feature is particularly useful for dealer-based campaigns that have stores [...]

Key Findings in 2011 Local Media Market Research

As the end of the first quarter wraps up, we’d like to present a sample of the 2011 local media market research we study.

The steady shift towards digital media in local markets continues. The forecast in Figure A illustrates this trend. This projection is part of the November 2011 research provided by [...]