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Yellowpages Launches New and Improved Website

Today the website that is ranked 31st in unique visits, behind Twitter and ESPN, launched a new and improved site to create a more valuable experience for consumers and advertisers. YP.COM has been a big player in the ever-changing local search space and is adapting new formats as consumer behavior [...]

City of Seattle vs. the Yellow Pages Industry – game over

It’s been a long road but it would seem that the case of the City of Seattle vs. the Yellow Pages Industry has reached its conclusion. After months of litigation and appeals, it would seem that the Yellow Pages Industry has emerged the victor in a contest that had national implications and The City [...]

The City of Seattle vs. the Yellow Pages— the next round


The legislative battle of the Yellow Pages industry vs. the City of Seattle has been anything but brief. In October 2010, the Seattle City Council voted 8 – 1 in favor of an ordinance that would require Yellow Pages distributors to apply for a license, pay a per-ton “recovery fee” on all directories distributed, [...]

Webinar: An Inside Look at Yellow Pages Pay-Per-Call is now online

Marquette Group’s recent webinar “An Inside Look at Yellow Pages Pay-per-Call” is now available online. Hosted by Vice President of Sales Strategy Chris Malone, this 30 minute webinar examines the intracacies of pay-per-performance advertising and shows how businesses can save crucial advertising dollars by only paying for qualified calls.

To view the webinar, simply [...]

Ninth Circuit Court upholds Yellow Pages right to print and distribute directories.

This week the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that print Yellow Pages directories are “fully protected speech” under the First Amendment. The court’s decision is aimed at protecting Yellow Pages and other media from legislation that both hurts local businesses as well as spends tax revenues. This effectively strikes down [...]

2012 Local Media Tracking Study: Yellow Pages use up and down – still produces new customers

The annual Local Media Tracking Study has become a key study in understanding the trends of Yellow Pages product usage. Conducted by Burke Research, the study analyzes the usage of both print and Internet Yellow Pages products over the course of one year. Since its debut in 2010, the study has endeavored to track the [...]

YP Holdings LLC officially launches after AT&T sale

YP Holdings LLC has issued the folllowing press release announcing its debut in the wake of the recent sale/purchase of AT&T’s Yellow Pages business by Cerebus Capital Management. The new company includes the assets of AT&T Advertising and AT&T Interactive and assumes control over all related products included print and Interet Yellow Pages advertising.

YP [...]

Five things learned from the 2012 LSA Sustainability Report

On Monday, the Local Search Association released the third annual sustainability report which examines the industry’s performance over the previous year with relation to its social, environmental and even economic impact. This year’s report was of particular interest considering all of the change occurring in the local search landscape on a nearly daily basis as [...]

Update on San Francisco and Seattle Yellow Pages legislation

Yellow Pages

Things have been fairly quiet in San Francisco of late. There has been little in the way of news regarding the addition of Chapter 20 to the city’s Environmental Code, the controversial anti-Yellow Pages legislation that was proposed by the Board of Supervisors last year. The addition, if passed, would have made the delivery of [...]

AT&T sells print Yellow Pages division to Cerberus Capital Management

Multi-media giant AT&T formally announced today the sale of its print and internet Yellow Pages division, ending weeks of speculation as to the fate of that division of the company. Marquette Group CEO and former Chairman of the Local Search Association Chris Cummings has released the following statement regarding the sale and the future of [...]