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Webinar: The Rise of Local YouTube and Facebook Advertising – Now Available Online

If you missed last week’s webinar “The Rise of Local YouTube and Facebook Advertising,” it is now available online!

During the webinar Gary Richmond and David Lenzen reviewed the key findings from our newly released research, “Social Media Marketing Study: Benchmarks for Success” to help advertisers learn how to harness social media to drive leads.


Webinar: The Rise of Local YouTube and Facebook Advertising


March 27,

11 am CDT

Complimentary webinar

is 45 minutes.

Featured Speakers:

David Lenzen

Executive VP, Sales & Marketing

Gary Richmond

VP, Sales & Account Management

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Webinar: Predictions for Local Digital Advertising 2014 Now Online

Last week’s webinar “Predictions for Local Digital Advertising 2014″ is now available online!

Listen to VP of Digital Products, Steve Jurken, discuss his thoughts on digital marketing trends and emerging channels in 2014. During the webinar, Steve presents his thoughts on the increasing innovation of mobile advertising, the improved appeal of advertising on social sites [...]

3 Predictions for Local Digital Advertising in 2014


As 2013 draws to a close, our discussions with clients naturally shift to their advertising plans for the coming year. Knowing that marketing technology and channels are continually changing, we often spend plenty of time evaluating trends and emerging channels.

Here are our three predictions for what we expect to see by the [...]

Friday video: Marquette Group delivers!

Delivery: it’s the core of our business. Marquette Group stands by our suite of services and our ability to deliver calls, leads, and sales to our clients. Whether in the realm of print Yellow Pages, internet Yellow Pages, direct marketing, or even mobile advertising, our innovative solutions deliver measurable results—qualified local leads that are seeking [...]

Friday video: ordering a pizza requires no skiing…

Finding what you want shouldn’t be hard. In the “information age” consumers have access to more sources of information than ever before. If you want a pizza, you shouldn’t have to ski downhill at a break-neck pace—you should be able to pick up a copy of your local Yellow Pages and look up the number [...]

Video: Betty White on SNL – the power of Facebook

A few months ago the notion that veteran comedienne Betty White would be hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live seemed as plausible as United Airlines replacing their entire air fleet with zeppelins. Sure, lighter-than-air travel is incredibly efficient in terms of lift but it’s not practical for today’s air travellers! The same could be said for [...]

Friday video: The Best Social Media Video Ever, v 2.0

This video was the “new hotness” a few years ago– showcasing all of the ways that world is rapidly changing and evolving. Like all things technology-based, it required an update to keep up with the incredible pace of development. Now included are more stats pertaining to Facebook, Twitter, and the increasingly important role that social [...]

Friday video: That’s Lasagna, Doc!

He was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1940 to proud “parents” Tex Avery and Robert McKimson. Over the course of his career he starred in over 163 features and was voted the “greatest character of all time” by TV Guide in 2002. However, the defining role of his career would be in the form of [...]

Friday Video: Yeah, this isn’t going to end well.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to “do it yourself” when it comes to household projects. Of course, doing so means that you take the necessary precautions… such as turning the water off. (You can see this one coming MILES away.) For more complicated tasks, its much easier (and drier) in the long run to either [...]