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YP Holdings LLC officially launches after AT&T sale

YP Holdings LLC has issued the folllowing press release announcing its debut in the wake of the recent sale/purchase of AT&T’s Yellow Pages business by Cerebus Capital Management. The new company includes the assets of AT&T Advertising and AT&T Interactive and assumes control over all related products included print and Interet Yellow Pages advertising.

YP [...]

AT&T sells print Yellow Pages division to Cerberus Capital Management

Multi-media giant AT&T formally announced today the sale of its print and internet Yellow Pages division, ending weeks of speculation as to the fate of that division of the company. Marquette Group CEO and former Chairman of the Local Search Association Chris Cummings has released the following statement regarding the sale and the future of [...]

AT&T unveils 3 new mobile bar code services

Mobile bar codes (also referred to as QR codes or 2D codes) are becoming more and more prevalent in mass media. Widely common in Japan, these curious little mosaic patterns have seen slower adoption here in the United States where some facets of technology have a steeper curve of acceptance. However, consumers in the US [...]