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That’s Why I Got that Geography Degree

People are often surprised to hear that one of my degrees is in geography, considering my 13 years in interactive technology. My focus in Interactive Technology was a natural progression for me and seemed so fluid from my studies at University. Geography, like searching on the Web sounds simple, but in reality [...]

Study: Search engine use varies by browser; Google still dominant

It’s no secret that Google is the dominant search engine. There’s a reason that term “Google it” is synonymous with “use a search engine”: Google accounted for 66.8% of all searches conducted in July of 2012, according to comScore. Yet, search engine use can and will vary based party upon the user’s web browser of [...]

State of Local Marketing Landscape webinar now online

The webinar featuring the Co-Directors of Interactive at Marquette Group, Steve Jurken and Gary Richmond, is now available for viewing online. Covering a wide variety of topics from SEO to mobile search, this 44 minute presentation is essential viewing for any advertising seeking to connect with customers on a local level.

Be sure to [...]

Webinar: State of the Local Marketing Landscape – April 10 at 10am CST


Webinar: State of the Local Marketing Landscape Presented at BIA/Kelsey

April 10 at 10:00am CST • 45 minutes • Presented in English

Join us for this complimentary webinar and learn about the latest local marketing information presented at a recent conference held by BIA/Kelsey, a [...]

Webinar: Search Marketing Best Practices Presented at SMX West

Webinar: Search Marketing Best Practices Presented at SMX West March 21 at Noon CST Featured Speaker: Steve Jurken, Interactive Product Director for

Marquette Group

Complimentary webinar is

30 minutes


presented in English Stay ahead of the competition with the latest search marketing best practices. Steve Jurken [...]

Optimizing Your Visibility To So-Lo-Mo Status

Local Social Mobile Search

Navigating the digital landscape can be a confusing prospect for many business owners.

As part of a series on the modern digital landscape, InterBusiness Issues published an article by Marquette Group’s Interactive Directors Gary Richmond and Steve Jurken. The subject? How businesses can increase their visibility in terms of “So-Lo-Mo”. Social Media, Local Search, and [...]

FTC Contemplates Online Do Not Track List

Have you ever been stalked by your computer? You know, you’re innocently surfing the Net and the next thing you know every ad you see is related to what you were just searching for. This is not a coincidence and in fact is coming under more intense scrutiny lately as lawmakers focus on comprehensive privacy [...]

Blekko – Slashing Your Way Through the World Wide Web

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know about search engine behemoths Google and Yahoo, and by now you’ve likely even heard of Bing, the “decision engine”. But one name you probably haven’t heard before is Blekko. Blekko is the newest contender in the search engine market and was recently launched in [...]