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Mobile Gets Smart

Many advertisers struggle with the decision to jump into mobile because of concerns about audience targeting and lower click-thru rates that sometimes accompany mobile campaigns. The GPS functionality of mobile devices enables geo-targeting, but this one variable can’t identify what situation the searcher is in while in that location, nor does it target based [...]

Mobile – Where Decisions Are Made

One of the most difficult tasks facing an advertiser is figuring out where to spend their budget. Everywhere you look there are any number of vendors and service providers fighting for your dollar, but how do you determine those who are worth your investment from those who are not?

It used to be that [...]

Webinar: Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing

Webinar: Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing  Wednesday August 29 at 10am CST

Complimentary webinar is

45 minutes and presented in English

Featured Speaker: Steve Jurken,

Interactive Product Director


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  Mobile marketing drives engagement, enables personalization and ensures your are [...]

Supermedia unveils new ad campaign for IYP app

Supermedia IYP app

Modern media is constantly evolving. According to recent information from PEW Research, more Americans own smart phones than ever before which means that advertisers seeking to reach consumers have to adapt their approach. Once upon a time, a simple ad in a print Yellow Pages directory was the ONLY tool that a savvy [...]

Why Advertise on a Mobile Device?

Google has released a series of statistics highlighting exactly how passionate they are about the influence of mobile devices on last minute shopping this year, stating 44 percent of total searches for last minute gifts and store locator terms will be from mobile devices.1

Certainly an impressive statistic, when you consider the massive number of [...]

Goodbye GOOG-411

I’ll admit I’ve come to use my mobile phone far more than I do the landline currently connected at my home. Part of this is due to the convenience of almost always having my mobile within reach and part of it has to do with my “techno-junkie” nature. Early in 2009 a co-worker introduced [...]

AT&T unveils 3 new mobile bar code services

Mobile bar codes (also referred to as QR codes or 2D codes) are becoming more and more prevalent in mass media. Widely common in Japan, these curious little mosaic patterns have seen slower adoption here in the United States where some facets of technology have a steeper curve of acceptance. However, consumers in the US [...]

Friday video: Marquette Group delivers!

Delivery: it’s the core of our business. Marquette Group stands by our suite of services and our ability to deliver calls, leads, and sales to our clients. Whether in the realm of print Yellow Pages, internet Yellow Pages, direct marketing, or even mobile advertising, our innovative solutions deliver measurable results—qualified local leads that are seeking [...]

Mobile Phones: Apps and Audiences

Martin Cooper talks on the "DynaTAC," the first commercial cell phone, which hit the market in 1983.

When Motorola developed the first truly portable mobile phone in 1973, no one anticipated how radically mobile phones would change the way people stay connected with their friends, family and the world in general.

According to Martin [...]

Mobile – Advertising Evolved

Once upon a time radio revolutionized the world; music, news and other pertinent information flooded the airways. We were taken to a new level of communication. Fast forward to TV, not only could we hear, we could now see the program, who would have imagined? Next, we were introduced to the computer — once [...]