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Key Findings in 2011 Local Media Market Research

As the end of the first quarter wraps up, we’d like to present a sample of the 2011 local media market research we study.

The steady shift towards digital media in local markets continues. The forecast in Figure A illustrates this trend. This projection is part of the November 2011 research provided by [...]

Why Advertise on a Mobile Device?

Google has released a series of statistics highlighting exactly how passionate they are about the influence of mobile devices on last minute shopping this year, stating 44 percent of total searches for last minute gifts and store locator terms will be from mobile devices.1

Certainly an impressive statistic, when you consider the massive number of [...]

Friday video: Marquette Group delivers!

Delivery: it’s the core of our business. Marquette Group stands by our suite of services and our ability to deliver calls, leads, and sales to our clients. Whether in the realm of print Yellow Pages, internet Yellow Pages, direct marketing, or even mobile advertising, our innovative solutions deliver measurable results—qualified local leads that are seeking [...]

Yellow Pages delivery to remain a choice in California

It’s a matter of choice. As individuals we possess a great deal of choice when it comes to our lifestyle. We can choose to drive an American or a foreign made car. We can choose whether or not to have cable television service. We can choose whether or not to have a phone directory delivered [...]

Get Direct: Capture New Customers Seamlessly

Get Direct: Capture New Customers Effortlessly

Marquette Group provides a comprehensive bevy of services; but perhaps the least known among these is our ability to provide highly effective direct mail opportunities to our clients. By leveraging our longstanding publisher relationships, Marquette Group is able to coordinate customized, targeted campaigns designed to penetrate our clients’ desired [...]