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Marquette Group’s Unchanging Customer Service Commitment

eric webb

As a company, Marquette Group talks a great deal about transformation and change. With the ever-evolving nature of the modern media landscape such adaptability is essential. However, I feel it is appropriate to take a deeper dive on what is NOT changing at Marquette Group–the consistent business tenets that have and will continue to [...]

Marquette Group and the Digital Future

Evolution is a natural part of growth. As technology continues to advance so too will the media landscape grow with it. For Marquette Group president Eric Webb, this growth and change is essential as Marquette Group celebrates 50 years of connecting businesses to local customers. Recently, he sat down with the Peoria Journal Star [...]

A conversation with Eric Webb

eric webb

Want to get inside the mind at the helm of Marquette Group?

InterBusiness Issues recently sat down with company president Eric Webb to discuss the modern media landscape, his vision of the company, its products, and its future as a digital agency. See why he’s optimistic about the opportunities available to advertisers seeking to connect [...]

Marquette Group adds to TMPDM acquisitions with Memphis and St. Louis

On the heels of acquiring TMP Directional Marketing’s (TMPDM) Atlanta and Toronto offices earlier this month, directional advertising agency Marquette Group announced yet another major purchase. Effective April 22, Marquette Group acquired select interactive and print advertising accounts from TMPDM’s Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO offices.

Some of the notable advertising programs secured by [...]

USMotivation announces new president

ATLANTA, GA — Chris Cummings and Eric Webb, with General Yellow Pages Consultants (GYPC), owners of Marquette Group and USMotivation (USM), announced Tuesday that Tina Weede will be President of USMotivation.

USMotivation is a full-service incentive marketing company in the business of motivating and inspiring people to do their best. With the renewed leadership structure [...]

From the president’s desk: accountability and performance

An old Chinese curse is said to be “May you live in interesting times”; in our current “interesting” economy, tangible results are everything. Corporations demand results in concrete measureable terms that show value for dollars spent. The advertising world is no different as businesses try to make the most efficient spends possible and budget are [...]

A few thoughts from the president’s desk.

As evidenced by all of the recent restructuring of industry publishing giants and the changing dynamics of directional media, 2010 will prove to be a year of transition for the advertising landscape. Marquette Group President Eric Webb submitted his thoughts on the current state of the industry in this blog post:

The worst appears to [...]