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Webinar: The Rise of Local YouTube and Facebook Advertising – Now Available Online

If you missed last week’s webinar “The Rise of Local YouTube and Facebook Advertising,” it is now available online!

During the webinar Gary Richmond and David Lenzen reviewed the key findings from our newly released research, “Social Media Marketing Study: Benchmarks for Success” to help advertisers learn how to harness social media to drive leads.


I’m Being Followed: How Google and Other Companies Track Me

To escape the never-ending winter weather, you decided this morning to start searching for vacation spots that have no shortage of palm trees and warmth. Then, this afternoon you routinely check your Facebook newsfeed and an amazing thing happened; there’s an ad in the right rail for a vacation resort and a discounted flight. How [...]

Marquette Group Releases Social Media Study

We’ve all become remarkably comfortable with social media. Tweets, snaps and pins abound. No doubt social media is convenient and engaging for consumers, but what what’s the payoff for businesses?

Advertisers are no strangers to social. In November, Facebook announced that over 25 million local, small business pages are active, [...]

Google AdWords Now Displaying Ratings Annotations

As consumers search online for products and services, they are also looking at reviews to help them make buying decisions. To make it easier for searchers, Google recently announced the addition of consumer rating annotations in AdWords.

Ratings annotations are industry-specific based on Google’s Consumer Surveys platform, which has data from thousands of surveys that [...]

Challenges and Tips on Tracking ROI

When advertisers think about digital marketing, they often marvel at all of the new opportunities to get their message in front of an audience. From desktops to tablets to mobile phones, there is a screen nearly everywhere you go. With each screen comes another opportunity to advertise to a potential customer. While all of these [...]

Continuous Change in Local

“Change is the only constant.” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

We don’t usually quote Greek philosophers, but recently this seemed appropriate.

In digital marketing, specifically local SEO, changes are frequent and occur at a persistent pace. As marketers we have to keep pace or be left behind. Below are a few industry [...]

Green Machine Smoothie for the Fast-Paced Marketer


Smoothies have become phenomenally popular in recent years. We see celebrities in the magazines carrying them, Olympic athletes sipping their favorite blended beverage and the average American making their morning commute a little sweeter.

At Marquette Group, I make sure I’m ready to face any challenge by starting each day with a delicious [...]

How to Optimize your Paid Search Campaign for Mobile Devices

It has almost been a year since Google started rolling out Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords. Prior to Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers were able to break out their campaigns between desktop and mobile devices. Advertisers did this because mobile bids tended to be less expensive than desktop bids. However, as more and more consumers switched between devices, [...]

Webinar: Don’t Get Left Behind by Online Reviews



February 26

10:30 am CST

Complimentary webinar is 45 minutes.

Featured Speaker:

Travis McGlasson

Interactive Sales Manager

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Webinar: Don’t Get Left Behind by Online Reviews

Online reviews are becoming ever-present across the Internet. Nearly every site a consumer uses to locate your [...]

How to be More Agile with Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Adaptability and quick reactions to rapidly changing market conditions are key to fully leveraging success with digital advertising. In my previous blog, I discussed the negative effects suffered by advertisers who execute ineffective digital advertising strategies. As a continuation of that thought process, it is also vital for advertisers to understand the need to make [...]