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Dex One and SuperMedia Complete Merger to Form Dex Media

Late in 2012, multimedia publishers SuperMedia and Dex One announced their intention to merge into a single entity. That merger was completed on April 30, 2013 with the formation of Dex Media. The company began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange the very next day as “DXM.”

As of result of the merger, Dex [...]

Webinar: An Inside Look at Yellow Pages Pay-Per-Call is now online

Marquette Group’s recent webinar “An Inside Look at Yellow Pages Pay-per-Call” is now available online. Hosted by Vice President of Sales Strategy Chris Malone, this 30 minute webinar examines the intracacies of pay-per-performance advertising and shows how businesses can save crucial advertising dollars by only paying for qualified calls.

To view the webinar, simply [...]

2012 Local Media Tracking Study: Yellow Pages use up and down – still produces new customers

The annual Local Media Tracking Study has become a key study in understanding the trends of Yellow Pages product usage. Conducted by Burke Research, the study analyzes the usage of both print and Internet Yellow Pages products over the course of one year. Since its debut in 2010, the study has endeavored to track the [...]

Four IYP facts gleaned from the 2012 Local Media Tracking Study:

For most consumers the term “Yellow Pages” conjures up images of large paper tomes filled with page after page of display advertisements for everything from plumbers to party clowns. Yet there is another more modern twist on the venerable directories that have served consumers for so long—the Internet Yellow Pages. IYP offers the same service [...]

SuperMedia & Dex One to merge

Supermedia & Dex One merge

Early this morning, multimedia publishers Dex One and SuperMedia announced their intention to merge the companies into new entity Dex Media. The newly-formed company will have approximately $3.1 billion in revenue, based on 2011 financial reports. It will also employ over 3,100 marketing consultants and more than 5,800 employees. Ownership will be comprised [...]

YP Local Ad Network provides low cost-per-call for most Local Advertisers

In the current economy, businesses have to do more with less. Faced with tightening fiscal constraints, many SMB’s are having to rethink their advertising budgets to find the most cost-effective way to turn ads into qualified calls that yield conversions. In some cases, this might indicate the use of fewer ad channels and the abandonment [...]

Yellow Pages Group Launches the Redesigned Website Based on Local Search by Distance


Canadian publisher Yellow Pages Group is a company that is known for the innovations that drive their product set. A dominant presence in the local lead generation scene “up north”, the media company unveiled a new geographically targeted SERP on their popular site this week. (Note: the feature only works for locations in Canada.)


YP Holdings LLC officially launches after AT&T sale

YP Holdings LLC has issued the folllowing press release announcing its debut in the wake of the recent sale/purchase of AT&T’s Yellow Pages business by Cerebus Capital Management. The new company includes the assets of AT&T Advertising and AT&T Interactive and assumes control over all related products included print and Interet Yellow Pages advertising.

YP [...]

AT&T sells print Yellow Pages division to Cerberus Capital Management

Multi-media giant AT&T formally announced today the sale of its print and internet Yellow Pages division, ending weeks of speculation as to the fate of that division of the company. Marquette Group CEO and former Chairman of the Local Search Association Chris Cummings has released the following statement regarding the sale and the future of [...]

Key Findings in 2011 Local Media Market Research

As the end of the first quarter wraps up, we’d like to present a sample of the 2011 local media market research we study.

The steady shift towards digital media in local markets continues. The forecast in Figure A illustrates this trend. This projection is part of the November 2011 research provided by [...]