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Don’t Discount Social Media Posts as Consumer Insight

There is no doubt that social media continues to play an important part in many people’s lives. We use it for entertainment, keeping in touch with family and even as a news source. According to eMarketer, in 2013, two-thirds of all Internet users were social media users as well.

The [...]

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update


Google surprised everyone at their 15th birthday party last week in the garage where it all began by announcing a major update, dubbed Hummingbird, for their flagship search engine. According to Google, the update was implemented approximately one month ago and is the largest since 2001.

Google Hummingbird is a completely new engine. Searches [...]

Steps to Improving Search Keyword Bidding

keyword bidding auction

You’re bidding on a specific keyword. Your competitor is bidding on that same keyword. Someone is searching that keyword. Which company will win that customer’s business? It could come down to how you are bidding on that keyword at that moment of time.

In a recent Marquette Group webinar on improving keyword [...]

Citygrid Restructures

A major restructure took place at Citygrid Media on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, that included eliminating all local sales people from their staff. Their national sales team was retained, but all local sales will become a self-serve automated process.

As predicted, Ron LaPierre was officially appointed as permanent CEO. They will integrate [...]

Google Enhanced Campaigns – Changes to Google Adwords Coming Soon

Recently, Google announced that they would implement an upgrade to their flagship Adwords platform. The new “enhanced” Adwords is another example in a long line of technology giants transitioning their business to be platform and device independent. Until now, you had to develop different ads on the Google network based on the display device. [...]

Webinar: Finding Actionable Insights in Google Analytics now online

Last weeks dynamic webinar detailing the full functionality of Google Analytics is now available online. Join Interactive Director Steve Jurken as he navigates Google’s intricate dashboard and explores the full reporting capabilities of this robust tool. More importantly, learn how to put Google Analytics to work for your business by identifying key characteristics of your [...]

Business Listings are Now More Powerful with PowerListings+

In the past four years, local searches have increased over 250% as more and more mobile devices are introduced into the market. Yet, over 40% of all local listings have one wrong piece of information. This erroneous data is picked up by internet search engines and delivered to consumer’s search results making it harder for [...]

Webinar: BIA/Kelsey Digital Marketing Conference 2012 Recap


Webinar: Highlights From Recent BIA/Kelsey Digital Marketing Conference Tuesday, September 25 at 11am CST   Complimentary webinar is 45 minutes and presented in English

Featured Speakers: Steve Jurken, Interactive Product Director

Gary [...]

YP Local Ad Network provides low cost-per-call for most Local Advertisers

In the current economy, businesses have to do more with less. Faced with tightening fiscal constraints, many SMB’s are having to rethink their advertising budgets to find the most cost-effective way to turn ads into qualified calls that yield conversions. In some cases, this might indicate the use of fewer ad channels and the abandonment [...]

Apple Maps– a new twist on a familiar concept

Apple is a company that is known for both its product design innovations as well as their fierce customer loyalty. At the 2012 WWDC amidst a bevy of other features, the Cupertino-based company announced the launch of Apple Maps—a proprietary service that would replace Google as the map data provider for Apple devices.

Since [...]