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How to Optimize your Paid Search Campaign for Mobile Devices

It has almost been a year since Google started rolling out Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords. Prior to Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers were able to break out their campaigns between desktop and mobile devices. Advertisers did this because mobile bids tended to be less expensive than desktop bids. However, as more and more consumers switched between devices, [...]

Take the Marketing Gold Medal at the Olympics (or any event you sponsor)

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are officially here, and if you haven’t already noticed, any company with spare marketing dollars is developing Olympic themed advertising campaigns. If you are one of the thousands of event attendees, you won’t just see the athletes, you’ll see millions of dollars worth of event advertising.

For brand marketers, large [...]

Mobile use accelerating, advertisers catching up

Until recently, advertisers were reluctant to put much money into mobile advertising due to concerns about technology barriers and the difficulty in measuring audience. Based on the time consumers now spend on their devices, that hesitation is beginning to fade, and marketers are finally convinced that mobile is the place to be. Digital ad [...]

3 Predictions for Local Digital Advertising in 2014


As 2013 draws to a close, our discussions with clients naturally shift to their advertising plans for the coming year. Knowing that marketing technology and channels are continually changing, we often spend plenty of time evaluating trends and emerging channels.

Here are our three predictions for what we expect to see by the [...]

Mobile Targeting Taken to the Next Step

Enhanced Mobile Targeting gives businesses the ability to target consumers through a new technology that includes behavioral profiling as well as the ability to reach consumers in the exact location selected. This lets advertisers deliver relevant ads to the right consumers at the right time. Enhanced Mobile Targeting uses a combination of point and [...]

Webinar: Enhanced Mobile Targeting Now Online

Mobile Targeting

Last week’s webinar Enhanced Mobile Targeting is now available online.

The forty minute presentation, hosted by Internet Sales Manager Travis McGlasson and Sales Strategy Manager Matt Aversano, offers valuable insights on how to maximize the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns. Learn the advantages of polygon-based targeting over radius-based area generation to refine your geo-targeting to [...]

Webinar: Go Beyond Qualified Leads With Enhanced Mobile Targeting

Mobile Targeting


Webinar: Go Beyond Qualified Leads With Enhanced Mobile Targeting

Wednesday October 16 at 10am CST

Complimentary webinar is 45 minutes.

Featured Speakers: Travis McGlasson, Interactive Sales Manager

Matt Aversano, Business Development Manager

Reserve your seat for an overview of new [...]

SMB Digital Conference Review Webinar Online

If you missed last week’s informative webinar “SMB Digital Conference Review” you’re in luck! The full presentation is now available online!

Listen to Interactive Sales Director Gary Richmond and Vice President of Sales David Lenzen as they discuss the latest trends for search, mobile, and social as discussed at the recent BIA/Kelsey conference. It’s an [...]

Local Search Insights from SMX and BIA/Kelsey webinar online

This week’s webinar discussing key insights in local search from both SMX West and BIA/Kelsey has been posted online. To listen to the presentation by our Directors of Interactive – Gary Richmond and Steve Jurken- simply click the embedded video below.

For more informative webinars designed to help empower your business’ presence, visit the [...]

Mobile Gets Smart

Many advertisers struggle with the decision to jump into mobile because of concerns about audience targeting and lower click-thru rates that sometimes accompany mobile campaigns. The GPS functionality of mobile devices enables geo-targeting, but this one variable can’t identify what situation the searcher is in while in that location, nor does it target based [...]