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Dex One and SuperMedia Complete Merger to Form Dex Media

Late in 2012, multimedia publishers SuperMedia and Dex One announced their intention to merge into a single entity. That merger was completed on April 30, 2013 with the formation of Dex Media. The company began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange the very next day as “DXM.”

As of result of the merger, Dex [...]

What Should the Future Hold for the Local Search Association?

The past few years have been an interesting period of transition for the Local Search Association. Formerly the Yellow Pages Association, this entity has seen its publisher members declare bankruptcy, merge, and sometimes struggle to find equilibrium in a media landscape that is growing increasingly diverse as our society increasingly moves [...]

Yellow Media Moves Forward With Recapitalization

Yellow Media

Canadian multi-media giant Yellow Media announced that it will move forward with its recapitalization efforts. The proposal was approved by the requisite number of shareholders and the company’s debt holders in meetings held on September 6, 2012 in Montreal. Yellow Media announced its intent to recapitalize its debt on July 23, 2012.

“We [...]

SuperMedia & Dex One to merge

Supermedia & Dex One merge

Early this morning, multimedia publishers Dex One and SuperMedia announced their intention to merge the companies into new entity Dex Media. The newly-formed company will have approximately $3.1 billion in revenue, based on 2011 financial reports. It will also employ over 3,100 marketing consultants and more than 5,800 employees. Ownership will be comprised [...]

Yellow Pages Group Launches the Redesigned Website Based on Local Search by Distance


Canadian publisher Yellow Pages Group is a company that is known for the innovations that drive their product set. A dominant presence in the local lead generation scene “up north”, the media company unveiled a new geographically targeted SERP on their popular site this week. (Note: the feature only works for locations in Canada.)


YP Holdings LLC officially launches after AT&T sale

YP Holdings LLC has issued the folllowing press release announcing its debut in the wake of the recent sale/purchase of AT&T’s Yellow Pages business by Cerebus Capital Management. The new company includes the assets of AT&T Advertising and AT&T Interactive and assumes control over all related products included print and Interet Yellow Pages advertising.

YP [...]

Five things learned from the 2012 LSA Sustainability Report

On Monday, the Local Search Association released the third annual sustainability report which examines the industry’s performance over the previous year with relation to its social, environmental and even economic impact. This year’s report was of particular interest considering all of the change occurring in the local search landscape on a nearly daily basis as [...]

AT&T sells print Yellow Pages division to Cerberus Capital Management

Multi-media giant AT&T formally announced today the sale of its print and internet Yellow Pages division, ending weeks of speculation as to the fate of that division of the company. Marquette Group CEO and former Chairman of the Local Search Association Chris Cummings has released the following statement regarding the sale and the future of [...]

YPA to challenge Seattle’s anti-Yellow Pages law

On Monday, October 11, 2010, the City of Seattle voted in favor of a new law that placed strict controls on the delivery of print Yellow Pages directories within the city. Today, the Yellow Pages Association released the following press release, announcing their intention to challenge the legality of this measure:

Yellow Pages Publishers Sue [...]

Singled out in Seattle? Yellow Pages are the subject of new law.

Seattle, WA is the northernmost city in the continental United States. It’s the home of coffee mega-franchise Starbucks as well as the residence of fictional psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane and the cast of Nickelodeon’s iCarly series. It is also regarded as the birthplace of the grunge music scene. Long considered a “progressive city”, Seattle boasts [...]