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Google Search Query Change: What it Means for SEM Managers

On Wednesday, Google announced a secure search update further fueling rumors that “Not Provided” in AdWords is going to kill paid search query data. What does that mean exactly? The data for the search queries will not be passed onto any third party analytics tool, including Google Analytics. Bid management tools that use the Google [...]

A Conversation with Google

Photo courtesy of Search Engine Land

If you are a search geek, like we are here at Marquette Group, then you definitely would have enjoyed SMX West in San Jose, California. A few of the Marquette Group digital marketing team, including myself, were lucky enough to attend and take in the full [...]

SEO and SEM: A Primer

Ensuring your brand appears in top placements in search engine results is critical as more consumers search online. There are two ways in which consumers can find you on the Internet.

Search engine optimization (SEO), or the process of improving the quality and quantity of your organic search traffic Search engine marketing (SEM), where you [...]

How to Optimize your Paid Search Campaign for Mobile Devices

It has almost been a year since Google started rolling out Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords. Prior to Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers were able to break out their campaigns between desktop and mobile devices. Advertisers did this because mobile bids tended to be less expensive than desktop bids. However, as more and more consumers switched between devices, [...]

Get More Creative than ZIP Code Targeting for Your PPC Campaign

I cannot tell you how many times I talk to clients about targeting their paid search accounts. Many Marquette Group clients are locally owned and operated franchisees wishing to advertise only in their area. New paid search clients typically enter with a mindset adopted from previous direct mail campaigns; the audience is chosen [...]

Marketing Smart in the Off-Season Pays Off

Salvation Army bells are ringing, and consumers are spending their hard earned dollars. For now. When the last bell has been rung and the holiday decorations come down, spending on goods and services will begin to wane until spring.

So what’s an advertiser to do in the early months of the year? Q1 strategy may [...]

The Latest from Google – Reputation Monitoring on Google Plus Local Pages

Recently Google added a reputation monitoring feature to Google Plus Local business pages (previously known as Google Places). As a business owner, you can monitor reviews to learn what customers are saying about your business on Google and across the Internet. If you have a verified business listing, this new feature also allows you to [...]

Webinar : SMX East Conference Discussion Now Online

Did you miss our webinar on SMX East last week? SEM Manager, Stephanie Casajuana and SEO Manger, Dan Backowski discuss trends they learned about paid search and SEO from attending the SMX East conference in New York. Hot topics include the realities of managing Google AdWords in Enhanced Campaigns how we optimize for local SEO. [...]

Google Just Keeps Changing On Us

Last month, Google announced a major change to the way Ad Rank is calculated. Ad Rank plays a major roll into how much you will pay for a click and where your ad will show on the search engine results page. Previously, Ad Rank was calculated based on your max cost-per-click (CPC) [...]

Google: Not Provided In Organic Results Will Continue


Google recently announced that it would encrypt all organic search data, eventually increasing Not Provided to 100%. Adwords keyword data, however, will remain available to advertisers. Many in the search community feel Google violated the unwritten agreement with content providers and is favoring advertisers. More importantly, many are questioning the implications of this change [...]