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Marquette Group CIO’s First Steps

Marquette Group CIO Duane Anderson

Growth and change go hand in hand; one cannot be found without the other. Yet a time of change can be a voyage into unknown territory– as one ventures forth into a land without precedent. In 2009, Marquette Group hired Duane Anderson as the company’s newest CIO. Boasting [...]

USMotivation announces new president

ATLANTA, GA — Chris Cummings and Eric Webb, with General Yellow Pages Consultants (GYPC), owners of Marquette Group and USMotivation (USM), announced Tuesday that Tina Weede will be President of USMotivation.

USMotivation is a full-service incentive marketing company in the business of motivating and inspiring people to do their best. With the renewed leadership structure [...]

Marquette Group CIO discusses World Class IT with Metis Strategy

Marquette Group and USMotivation CIO Duane Anderson recently sat down with Metis Strategy’s World Class IT forum podcast to discuss three of the five “World Class IT” principles including:

People Infrastructure IT & Business Partnerships

Duane joined Marquette Group/USMotivation after a tenure with Harrah’s Entertainment in Las Vegas, Nevada where he served as Director of [...]

Let USMotivation expand your business horizons!

Looking for a full service business partner that can help with incentive strategies and awards, group travel and meeting servivces, creative communications, or even virtual trade shows and experiences? Look no further than Marquette Group sister company USMotivation, located in Atlanta, GA.

If you’d like to learn more about the services offered by USMotivation, [...]