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Friday video: ordering a pizza requires no skiing…

Finding what you want shouldn’t be hard. In the “information age” consumers have access to more sources of information than ever before. If you want a pizza, you shouldn’t have to ski downhill at a break-neck pace—you should be able to pick up a copy of your local Yellow Pages and look up the number [...]

Friday video: let your fingers do the walking… and apparently all of the work!

Let’s be honest– the Yellow Pages may be the most comprehensive guide to local goods and services available to consumers today. Simply “let your fingers do the walking” through a print directory or a touch-screen smartphone Yellow Pages app and you can find local results for whatever you need. Be it a plumber, an insurance [...]

Goodbye Cable, Hello Hulu

Last year I made a decision. I grew tired of looking at a digital cable bill that was peaking just shy of $100 a month when my weekly viewing was dropping like a Congressional incumbent’s approval rating. It was a move that shocked friends and co-workers as I had just committed the unthinkable: I cancelled [...]

Friday video: That’s Lasagna, Doc!

He was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1940 to proud “parents” Tex Avery and Robert McKimson. Over the course of his career he starred in over 163 features and was voted the “greatest character of all time” by TV Guide in 2002. However, the defining role of his career would be in the form of [...]

Friday Video: Yeah, this isn’t going to end well.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to “do it yourself” when it comes to household projects. Of course, doing so means that you take the necessary precautions… such as turning the water off. (You can see this one coming MILES away.) For more complicated tasks, its much easier (and drier) in the long run to either [...]

Friday Video: Photocrashers!

No one likes a gate crasher… or in this case, a photocrasher. While it has become popular to bemoan the arrival of a new Yellow Pages directory as an “uninvited/unwanted guest on my doorstep”, the rise of smartphones in the market place means that more and more people have access to mobile Yellow Pages apps [...]

Friday Video: Meet Randy…

I’ve heard of people being described as “oily” but this really takes the cake. However, it does raise a valid point– if a oil-obsessed bodybuilder with an inappropriate sense of attire can find what he’s looking for in the Yellow Pages, so can you! Whether by smartphone, print directory, or personal computer, the Yellow Pages [...]

Let USMotivation expand your business horizons!

Looking for a full service business partner that can help with incentive strategies and awards, group travel and meeting servivces, creative communications, or even virtual trade shows and experiences? Look no further than Marquette Group sister company USMotivation, located in Atlanta, GA.

If you’d like to learn more about the services offered by USMotivation, [...]

Friday Video: Need Something? Try internet Yellow Pages!

The landscape of directional media is changing but basic human needs are not. Rather than improvise with “questionable results”, why not go to the proven source for finding what you need when it is time to buy?

The traditional Yellow Pages are evolving with the proliferation of internet infastructure, high speed connections, and even [...]

Friday Video – How “durable” is the Yellow Pages suite of products?

Two years ago, Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” sponsored a contest in which viewers could submit their own segments filmed in the style of the popular series. The winning video centered around a bizarre “myth”: can two intertwined Yellow Pages directories be separated easily? The answer, as well as the durability of the product, might prove surprising.