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Yellow Pages Group Launches the Redesigned Website Based on Local Search by Distance


Canadian publisher Yellow Pages Group is a company that is known for the innovations that drive their product set. A dominant presence in the local lead generation scene “up north”, the media company unveiled a new geographically targeted SERP on their popular site this week. (Note: the feature only works for locations in Canada.)


Yellow Pages Group in Canada Partners with Twitter

Tagging your location has recently become popular in the world of social media. Facebook launched Places, and earlier this summer, Twitter added the same functionality with Twitter Places, allowing users to tag their Tweets to specific locations.

Last week Yellow Pages Group (YPG), Canada’s leading local search provider, announced a data-sharing agreement with Twitter, [...]

Friday Video: Photocrashers!

No one likes a gate crasher… or in this case, a photocrasher. While it has become popular to bemoan the arrival of a new Yellow Pages directory as an “uninvited/unwanted guest on my doorstep”, the rise of smartphones in the market place means that more and more people have access to mobile Yellow Pages apps [...]

Friday Video: Misinterpreted

It’s time to be honest—it is VERY easy to be impatient in our modern world. When’s the last time that you found yourself bored with the current offerings on television and ended up channel surfing? How about upgrading your cell phone simply because you were tired of it? Or better yet, using your smartphone to [...]

Yellow Media to acquire CanPages, achieve dominance in Canadian markets

It would seem that Yellow Media continues to expand their reach across Canada. The media firm today announced its intent to acquire rival publisher CanPages.

Yellow Media Inc., a subsidiary of Yellow Pages Income Fund, said Tuesday it has agreed to acquire Canadian Phone Directories Holdings Inc. for $225-million in cash and notes while also [...]

Friday Video: Meet Randy…

I’ve heard of people being described as “oily” but this really takes the cake. However, it does raise a valid point– if a oil-obsessed bodybuilder with an inappropriate sense of attire can find what he’s looking for in the Yellow Pages, so can you! Whether by smartphone, print directory, or personal computer, the Yellow Pages [...]

Yellow Pages Group unveils new logo and increased digital focus.

Canadian Publisher Yellow Pages Group continues to aggressively expand its reach into newer media venues including mobile and internet. The company unveiled a new logo as well as an increased focus on the digital world.

Marc Tellier, chief executive of Yellow Media Inc., says the new logo reflects the new digital reality. (THE CANADIAN [...]